Only ACLU-ers Need Apply

In two different areas, executive and judicial appointments, the Obama Administration has displayed a preference for men and women with demonstrated, radical, ACLU backgrounds for high appointments. This seems to be a growing pattern, not just an anomaly.

Some of the facts for this article, and some of the legal conclusions, come from two separate articles, the first on the Obama Administration appointment to the EEOC is in the Philadelphia Bulletin on October 18. The other, on a US District Court appointment, is on on October 16.

The Bulletin recites that “President Obama nominated Chai Feldblum, a professor of law (gay studies) at Georgetown University who formerly worked for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the pro-homosexual Human Rights Campaign Fund, to serve as one of five Commissioners on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.”

The official announcement from the White House says “She has also worked on advancing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights and has been a leading expert on the Employment Nondiscrimination Act.” She has published a paper, “Moral Conflict and Liberty: Gay Rights and Religion,” which concludes that there are no circumstances in which religious rights under the Constitution should prevail over homosexual, polygamous and other sexual rights.

If confirmed as a Commissioner on the Equal Opportunity Commission she will have a five year term to rule on such cases as whether churches, church-operated schools, and church-operated hospitals can make their hiring decisions about their employees in accord with their religious beliefs, or will be compelled by the government to violate their own religious tenets. Her positions are consistent with her ACLU past.

The second article on an ACLU background being a preferred quality for appointment by the Obama Administration appeared on on 16 November. It begins by describing the background of Edward Chen, just approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee on a party line vote to be a US District Judge in the Northern District of California.

His comments quoted in the article about the Virginia Tech mass shooting are puzzling, as if the shooter, an Asian-American, was a victim of racism, which was therefore the cause of the murder spree. Specifically, nominee Chen said on his questionnaire submitted to the Committee, that he finds it “most rewarding” when he contributes to “the development of the law via published opinion, especially if it comports with my view of justice.”

That sounds like another judicial appointee who intends to make the law what he (or she) personally wants it to be, rather than what the Constitution says that it is. His 16-year ACLU background included working on “affirmative action, death penalty, and discrimination cases.” He has also said, in a letter published in the New York Times, that a preference for the English language in classrooms and elsewhere is “anti-immigrant and xenophobic in character.”

Ranking Minority Member, Senator Jeff Sessions (D, Ala.) said of Chen and another judicial appointee presented but not yet acted on, “I think we’re seeing a common DNA run through the Obama nominees, and that’s the ACLU chromosome.”

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