ACLU Tolerates Dead Children for Political Correctness

The ACLU has tried and failed to change the federal policy on blood banks which forbid homosexuals from donating blood. The ACLU is willing to accept deaths of hemophiliacs and others who need transfusions as the price of political correctness.

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The facts for this article, but not the legal conclusions, come from a June 14 article in the Feminist Wire on the website of Ms. Magazine. It describes a final decision of the Federal Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability to continue the ban on blood donations by “gay or bisexual men.” The Committee’s finding is binding on the nation’s public and private blood banks.

The bias of the source is indicated by featuring the fact that 17 Senators, “led by Sen. John Kerry (M-MA),” opposed the policy. The article notes that “progressive groups joined the senators” in criticizing the policy. It quotes the director of the ACLU LNBT & AIDS Project as saying, “Eligibility for donating blood should be based on scientific evidence, not stigmatizing and outdated stereotypes.”

But the article then runs screaming into the night rather than face and deal with the scientific evidence that homosexual men are much more likely than any other group in the US to have HIV-AIDS. And before this ban on blood donations by such men was put into place, children with hemophilia were being killed by AIDS gotten from tainted transfusions.

The ACLU claims, correctly, that some heterosexual men do have AIDS, and that all blood banks use screening tests to stop tainted blood from being used. The screening tests are not perfect, however, and when any child or adult receives a pint or unit of blood, because of an accident, surgery, or any other reason, it is a death sentence if that blood contains AIDS. Such errors and deaths are fewer, under a policy where the most likely sources of tainted blood are kept out of the system.

The deaths of children are, in the view of the ACLU, these progressive groups, and these Senators, merely a price to be paid so the blood banks can be politically correct.

This position of the ACLU is consistent with its policies on convictions, sentences, public lists and long term detention of child molesters. The ACLU is concerned only with “unconstitutional discrimination” against these (usually) men. It is unconcerned that these crimes are repetitious and that the more time molesters spend on the street means more children will be assaulted, molested, and sometimes killed.

How much does the death of children count in the scales of political correctness on people’s sexual practices? Not at all, if the ACLU and its allies are making the judgments.

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