Fraud: Evidence Shows Non-Citizens Are on Voter Rolls

This article by Chad Groening was published April 22, 2015 on One News Now.

A former Justice Department attorney hopes the Supreme Court will intervene in a case that could go a long way toward preventing confessed non-citizens from being able to register to vote, thereby making a mockery of the election process.

The American Civil Rights Union submitted documents on Tuesday to the U.S. Supreme Court that show non-citizens — some even admitting so on their application forms — are registering to vote under current federal law.

The ACRU brief asks the high court to hear arguments by Arizona and Kansas in defense of their request to the Election Assistance Commission to include a requirement for proof of citizenship on federal registration forms in those states.

J. Christian Adams is a former DOJ attorney who is now working with the ACRU on this case. He says there has to be greater accountability.

“There is an inadequate federal registration form that basically is just the honor system. It asks: Are you a citizen? Yes or No,” Adams describes. “And actually the documents filed at the Supreme Court show that people will mark no, they’re not a citizen — and they’ll still get registered to vote.” The ACRU brief includes 13 voter registration forms as proof of the example.

Adams says that is why the ACRU is supporting the efforts of Arizona and Kansas.

“Would you believe that the Eric Holder Justice Department and all of the usual so-called civil rights groups are opposing efforts to show proof of citizenship in Kansas and Arizona?” he asks. “…It just shows the length that these folks will go to corrupt the integrity of American elections.”

The high court is expected to announce very soon whether it will take the case.

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