Federal Judge Rebuked Broward Supervisor for Hiding ‘Mystery’ Voter Roll Manual

11/13: ACRU's suit against Broward County more relevant as Brenda Snipes' incompetence falls under a national spotlight.

America Deserves Better

11/12: Election controversies hurt all Americans. Fixing the system should be a bipartisan priority.

North Carolina’s Vulnerability to Vote Fraud

10/16: This analysis reveals critical vulnerabilities in North Carolina’s voting administration system and explores how those weaknesses could impact election outcomes.

ACRU Files Reply Brief in ACRU vs. Dr. Brenda Snipes, Now Before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

10/9: The ACRU filed its reply brief on October 9, 2018 with the 11th Circuit Court in its case against Broward County.

ACRU Appeals Election Integrity Case to 11th Circuit

8/14: Lawsuit Demands Broward County Clean Up Corrupted Records