Williams: Is Affirmative Action Hurting College Students?

7/4: ACRU Policy Board member and Professor of Economics Dr. Walter E Williams discusses how affirmative action policies could hinder minority students.

Williams: American Education Fails Students

4/25: ACRU Policy Board member and Professor of Economics Dr. Walter E Williams reports on the many failures of the American education system.

Educational Rot

There’s another educational issue that’s neither flattering nor comfortable to confront. That’s the low academic quality of so many teachers.

Black Self-Sabotage

The educational achievement of white youngsters is nothing to write home about, but that achieved by blacks is nothing less than disgraceful.

Stalking Horses

White liberals ought to stop feeling guilty so that they can be more respectful in their relationships with black Americans.

Democrats’ Hoodwinking of Blacks

Ask any black person which political party has been black people’s political ally. With near unanimity, blacks would answer the Democratic Party.

Worse Than Racists

As a group, black Americans have made the greatest gains – over some of the highest hurdles and in a very short span of time – of any racial group in mankind’s history.

Educational Sabotage

Since most of the school violence and discipline problems rest with black students, there are a few questions that black parents, politicians, academics and civil rights advocates should ponder.

Undermining Academic Achievement

Many black politicians and educators would never have their own children attend the rotten, dangerous schools that are so much a part of our big cities. Many black parents, captured by these schools, would like to get their children out.

Blacks and Politicians

My argument has always been that the political arena is largely irrelevant to the interests of ordinary black people.