O’Keefe Video: DOJ Resources Used by Socialist DOJ Employee to Target GOP

9/19: The latest video from Project Veritas captures a Department of Justice employee admitting that she does research on the home addresses and license plates of private individuals who are then targeted for loud protests at their homes.

Adams: What’s Holding Up President Trump’s DOJ Nominees?

4/25: ACRU Policy Board Member J. Christian Adams explains that marijuana and partisan bias is holding up the president’s nominees.

Spakovsky: Andrew McCabe Lied. So Will the FBI Apply the Same Rules Against Him That It Applies to All of Us?

4/16: It’s official: Andrew McCabe lied.

Spakovsky: Mueller, FBI, & DOJ Aren’t Interested in Election Integrity

3/1: ACRU Policy Board Member Hans von Spakovsky discusses why the FBI, DOJ, and special counsel aren’t interested in crimes that might effect the US midterm elections.

Adams: Obama’s DOJ Has Made Flying a Zoo

2/9: ACRU Policy Board Member J. Christian Adams explains why Eric Holder’s Justice Department’s definition of support animals has made airports into barnyards.

Adams: Obama’s Justice Department Appointees Still in Control

2/9: ACRU Policy Board Member J. Christian Adams explains how former President Obama’s Justice Department is still fighting for control of the department.

Adams: You Are an Unconscious Racist

1/26: ACRU Policy Board Member J. Christian Adams outlines problems with the notion of implicit bias.

Federal Court Orders Trump Administration to Reinstate DACA

1/9: A federal district court in California on Tuesday ordered the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to immediately reinstate DACA.

Jeff Sessions Just Reversed Obama’s Pot Policy. Why That’s Good News for America.

1/9: States cannot authorize parties to engage in conduct that federal law prohibits and as long as the Controlled Substances Act is on the books, states cannot tell their citizens to disregard it.

Broward County Election Supervisor Accused of Illegal Ballot Destruction

Broward County Election Supervisor, Brenda Snipes, is in legal trouble again.