Klukowski: DOJ Pushes for SCOTUS Hearing on Transgender Soldiers Case

11/24: ACRU General Counsel Ken Klukowski reports on the DOJ's move to skip federal appeals and go straight to the Supreme Court for a ruling on the President’s policy regarding transgender service members.


11/18: This is a law and order President who believes in justice and the First Step Act will get us closer to true justice.

Carleson Urges Congress to Pass Conservative Priorities in Lame Duck Session

11/9: ACRU Chairman and CEO Susan Carleson signed the Conservative Action Projects' memo which outlines the priorities President Trump should focus on with a new Democratic-led House.

Why Trump Can End Birthright Citizenship by Executive Order

11/4: This issue, whether the U.S.-born children of aliens who are only here temporarily as tourists or students or who are in this country illegally are citizens, has never been directly addressed by the U.S. Supreme Court.