One Of America’s Key Voting Laws Is About To Face A Big Test At The Supreme Court

1/9: A case at the high court could have big implications for how aggressively states can remove voters from their rolls.

How Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission Was Sabotaged from Within

1/9: Much of the blame for the collapse of the commission appears to have originated from within the ranks of Trump’s own nominees to the blue ribbon panel.

The Obstruction of a Vital Election Integrity Commission

1/9: The commission may be dissolved, but the mandate from mainstream Americans to protect the integrity of our elections remains.

Blackwell: Lawsuits, Democrats at Fault for End of Voter Fraud Panel

1/4: Blaming “a knot of lawsuits” and “a wall of resistance” from Democratic election officials, ACRU Senior Fellow and Policy Board member J. Kenneth Blackwell said President Trump made “the right move” to scrap an advisory council he created to study election fraud in the United States.

Vote Fraudsters Double Their Opportunities

Voter registration rolls are long overdue for the scrutiny they’re finally getting.

Newsweek Attacks Trump with FakeNews and FakeMath

Once upon a time, Newsweek was a credible publication. Today, it is a spoof.

The Old Vote Scam in the Mountains

Data from New Hampshire shows how fraud at the ballot box is alive and well.

What Have Liberals Got to Hide?

They claim creating an election integrity commission is a way to advance voter suppression.

Spewing Outrage at Voter Fraud Commission, Judge and Media Miss Facts

Once you know the facts, the latest narrative painting President Donald Trump’s Election Integrity Advisory Commission as a shady group refusing to make its documents public falls apart.

Why I’m Sticking with Trump’s Election Commission

After a few weeks of pre-packaged tweets designed to push me to quit the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, I’m reminded why the commission is so important and timely.