President Trump Acts to Safeguard American Elections

9/14: The ACRU praised President Donald J. Trump’s executive order to impose sanctions against any foreigner interfering in U.S. elections.

Blackwell: Parties Battle to Run Ohio Elections

8/3: ACRU’s Policy Board member and senior fellow Ken Blackwell reports on the left’s campaign to take over electronic control of Ohio’s elections.

Blackwell: Protecting The Integrity Of Our Elections

8/2: Free and fair elections are vital to our republic.

Adams: We Need to Protect Our Elections from All Threats

7/21: ACRU Policy Board Member J. Christian Adams explains why we need to worry about domestic and foreign threats to our election integrity.

Making Election Reform An Issue In November

6/5: For anyone committed to constitutional government, California looks like a lost cause.

Spakovsky: 10 Questions Mark Zuckerberg Should Answer When He Testifies Before Congress

4/9: We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most important questions we think lawmakers should ask Zuckerberg.

Spakovsky: Mueller, FBI, & DOJ Aren’t Interested in Election Integrity

3/1: ACRU Policy Board Member Hans von Spakovsky discusses why the FBI, DOJ, and special counsel aren’t interested in crimes that might effect the US midterm elections.

One Of America’s Key Voting Laws Is About To Face A Big Test At The Supreme Court

1/9: A case at the high court could have big implications for how aggressively states can remove voters from their rolls.

How Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission Was Sabotaged from Within

1/9: Much of the blame for the collapse of the commission appears to have originated from within the ranks of Trump’s own nominees to the blue ribbon panel.

The Obstruction of a Vital Election Integrity Commission

1/9: The commission may be dissolved, but the mandate from mainstream Americans to protect the integrity of our elections remains.