LaRue: Trump Battles Back Against Unfair Press

8/9: ACRU Senior Legal Analyst Jan LaRue breaks down the media’s hysterical reaction to President Trump defending himself against hyperbolic attacks.

Spakovsky: Justice Department Fighting for Free Speech on Campuses

7/25: When a state school can punish speakers for nothing more than hurting someone’s feelings, the First Amendment has been utterly gutted.

Klukowski: SCOTUS Declines to Hear Florist Case

6/25: ACRU General Counsel Ken Klukowski reports on the Supreme Court’s decision to send the Arlene’s Flowers case back to the lower courts.

Williams: Using Liberty to Destroy Liberty

3/6: In an interview, ACRU Policy Board member and Professor of Economics Dr. Walter E Williams explains how our freedoms can be used against us.

Justice Alito Exposes Double Standard of Minnesota Apparel Law

3/2: During oral arguments before the Supreme Court, Justice Alito highlighted the inconsistent and biased enforcement of Minnesota’s polling place apparel law.

University of Virginia Betrays the Legacy of Its Founder, Thomas Jefferson

1/25: The right to free speech (even when offensive) is, of course, prominently guaranteed in the very first amendment of our Bill of Rights.

How the ‘Revolution’ Is Eating Its Own

The ACLU faces disappointment in and out of court.

Supreme Court Will Hear Major Free Speech Case Against Unions

The Supreme Court on Thursday added 11 new cases to its docket for this year, including one that appears certain to be a major blow to public-sector unions.

Charlottesville Donnybrook

One does not have to accept the racist and nationalist vision of the Unite the Right organization to recognize and respect its First Amendment rights.

Why Are Trump’s Justice Department Appointees Protecting the IRS?

Various media sources have reported that federal District Court Judge Reggie Walton has ordered the IRS to finally respond to various legal requests for information and documents made by the conservative tea party organizations that sued the agency.